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August 2007 Newsletter

Triple R Inc. A real team player.


What do you offer your customers which is different and or lacking in your industry?


Crystal clear communication, from point of contact to finished product. Lets face it, contractors are not really known for their communication skills. Many television shows have showcased what kind of nightmares homeowners face when a home renovation jobs is started with poor commutation between the customer and contractor. I firmly believe that the responsibility of communicating all the details lies with the contractor.


Can you provide some tips for our readers on how to hire a good contactor?


References really do count! The old rule of getting three references just does not apply in today's real world. Even the worst contractor can get a job done right at least three times. Get at least ten references and call them all. You should actually get out and view some work that your prospective contractor has done recently. Call your municipalities city hall and ask if the contractor has a proper city licence to operate his business, don't be afraid to ask him for a police clearance (depending on the size of the job this contractor will be in your home alone from when you leave for work and still be there when you are back form work). Don't just take his word that he has the proper coverage's, ask to see a certificate for proof of contractors liability insurance and work place safety insurance board coverage.



Have you ever given back to the community, any donations or charity work?


Yes indeed!

This story is very near and dear to my heart. A little girl at age two was diagnosed with a brain tumour, during surgery she suffered a stroke. She is partially paralyzed and now at age five she has extream difficulty in her home with mobility, with everyday simple tasks that you and I would take for granted. Everything from getting to the bathroom to playing and enjoying life as any five year old should. The family cannot afford the costly renovations to make the home barrier free. My company along with others is doing the work for free, we will give this little girl the freedom to move about in her home and enjoy all that life has to offer. Please visit my website to meet the little girl and her family. We need donations and help from the community at large in order to make this families dreams come true. All donations no matter how small are appreciated. www.triplerinccontracting.ca

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