Customer satisfaction is very important to us.


Here are the pictures Bobby...............feel free to use them anyway you like. I have others of the back of the house if you need them. Thanks again for the work you did for us. Your professionalism is second to none. "Its the little things that make a big job a success" When I noticed that you covered my central air conditioner with a tarp, I knew I hired the right guy.

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"The Triple R logo stands for: Renovate, Repair and Rebuild. Bobby Assadourian has had a hand in all three at our house and has done such a wonderful job that we would recommend him to anyone trying to update their home in any way.

Some other important R's that should be included are: Resourcefulness, Reliability, Responsiveness and Responsibility.

Resourcefulness in finding the most efficient, cost effective ways of doing things is one of Bobby's specialties. His friendly and professional work ethics has won him many helpful contacts among the trades people who are willing to help him find the best solutions for your particular renovation.

Reliability is a quality in abundance as Bobby is always on time and always comes when he says he will. This can be a very important thing to consider in this age of busy lifestyles and urgent appointments that need to be kept. He won't make you late for your appointment by being late for his.

He is always Responsive to your calls for help regardless of where he is or what he is doing. He even came by on his anniversary to check on an emergency that we had.

Responsibility for your house and belongings is something Bobby takes very seriously. Renovation can be a messy business, but Bobby prepares beforehand to make sure that there is minimum damage and there is always a thorough cleanup at each day's end to minimize the homeowner's discomfort. We have always felt quite safe in leaving him the keys to the house and vacating for the duration of the renovation."

Dianne - Hamilton  


"Bobby is truly a professional. His attention to detail is astonishing. I highly recommend him if you demand quality workmanship and value punctual, courteous service."

Rich S. - Hamilton 


"If you are thinking of engaging the services of a professional contractor, and you value intellect, honesty, quality craftsmanship and efficiency then you should consider Bobby very seriously. Bobby is one of the best contractors in the business, a superb communicator and lots of fun to work with".

R.Oakey and G. Strachan - Toronto 


                                                                                                                        October 2007


My name is Joanne McQuinn and I am the mother of Amanda, a five year-old girl with physical disabilities that are the result of a stroke suffered during brain tumor surgery in October of 2005.  Amanda is able to walk with the aid of a walker, but it does not fit through most of the doorways in our home, forcing her to crawl.  In order for Amanda to gain independence, our home requires costly renovations to make it more accessible.

In July of 2007, Amanda was selected from over 180 applications to receive a barrier-free home renovation at no cost.  Triple R Inc. was one of only two contractors to “step up to the plate” and donate their time and expertise to the project, which is currently underway.  Not only has Bobby donated time to work on the renovations, but he has spent a significant amount of his own personal time in meetings and negotiations with various suppliers to obtain donated supplies.

Bobby’s dedication to this project and our daughter’s independence is amazing and we are truly grateful!


"Hi Bobby,
Just went through your web site.  Very very nice!!!  Two thumbs UP!!  I
really like your seasonal tips, it's just like the sheet from the home
inspection --  nice touch.  Also nice touch with the letter from Sammy in
regards to the down spout, always a smart move to have back up from the city. 
I can sum it up in one phrase..  Look out Holmes on Homes here comes 'Triple R
on Homes!!!!  --  keep up the good work and best of luck."

                                                                                              Sindi & Dave - Hamilton