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"Just Ask Bob" is now featured on HAMILTONS ALL NEW TALK STATION 820AM.

This is an interactive radio show where you can phone in all your home
improvement questions and have them answered live on air! Wondering what the
easiest and longest lasting kitchen or bathroom faucet is to install?....
Should your roof have tar paper installed throughout?......Who is
responsible for all permits, contractor or homeowner?..... Have questions
about your current contractors work ethic and or credentials?..... Is your
new home builder giving you the cold shoulder during your warrantee
period......... Call us during the show and "Just Ask Bob"!.........or call
our office directly at (289) 649-0196 or simply send us an email at

News release; Friday July 23, 2010

HAMILTONS ALL NEW TALK STATION TALK 820 has been pulled off the air and replaced by Today's Country 820 CHAM. A very sad day for about a dozen hard working people that have just lost their jobs at the station due to its format change, our thoughts and prayers are with these people and their families.

No longer on radio, fortunately "Just Ask Bob's" Bobby Assadourian still has his day job! Where he vows to continue to "repair, rebuild and renovate" all his customers homes through his Home Improvement Company Triple R Inc. now in it's eighth year of business. We will always continue to answer all your questions via this website, in true "Just Ask Bob" style, calling it "as it is" and never holding back.

We have archived our entire year and a half worth of "Just Ask Bob" radio shows, thirty four in total, all edited and commercial free from the former HAMILTONS ALL NEW TALK STATION TALK 820 for you right here on our website. Use them as your valuable data base while you either "do it yourself" right the first time! or as a guide on how to pre screen and hire the right contractor for you and your home.

This is not the end of "Just Ask Bob" helping people...................but just the beginning! Get your Television ready for "Just Ask Bob's" Home Renovation Segments each week on Cable 14's Hamilton Life........................... Season #2 Premiering on September 07, 2010


1. March 13 2009; Our Premiere Show!

2. March 27 2009; with guest Sam Merulla, Hamilton City Councilor

3. April 10 2009; with guest Suzanne Soto-Davies

4. April 24 2009; with guest Trevor Bouchard

5. May 08 2009; "The Better Business Bureau" Beware of what you read on the

6. May 22 2009; Outdoor fencing projects

7. June 03 2009; live on location at Tim Hortons for children's camp day

8. June 18 2009; more on fencing projects

9. July 02 2009; with guest Paul Kocsis

10. July 17 2009; Your homes exterior components

11. July 31 2009; Hamiltons sewer back ups

12. August 14 2009; W.S.I.B. (Work Place Safety Insurance Board Coverage)
with guest Carlos A. Rodrigues

13. August 28 2009; with guest Trevor Bouchard

14. September 11 2009; Phony Electrician! with a live call to "Just Ask Bob"
from the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority)

15. September 24, 2009; With guest Suzanne Soto-Davies

16. October 08, 2009; Home reno bible nails con artists "Hamilton Spectator

17. October 22, 2009; Home reno bible does nail a con artist "Police arrive
at job site!"

18. November 05, 2009; Unwanted contractor at your door!

19. November 19, 2009; Gurgling toilet issues

20. December 03, 2009; Thanking Cable 14 and staff

21. December 17, 2009; With guest Linda Rourke

22. January 07, 2010; Ontario's Minimum Building Code?

23. January 24, 2010; More questions for "Just Ask Bob"

24. February 04, 2010; With guest Anrianne Inglis of the Chapters Ancaster Bookstore

25. February 18, 2010; More questions for "Just Ask Bob"

26. March 04, 2010; Five live callers on today's show!

27. March 18, 2010; One year anniversary, one hour special show! with guests; Trevor
Bouchard and Jocelyne Gagne of the March of Dimes Canada

28. April 08, 2010; with guests Roger Bertrand and Ryan Clark of Business &
Construction Times

29. April 21, 2010; with guest George Palios

30. May 13, 2010; Bathroom Renovations!

31. May 27, 2010; The "Three R's on Chimney's" Repair it, Rebuild it, Rid yourself
of it!

32. June 09, 2010; with a live call from another Hamilton Contractor

33. June 24, 2010; A shout out to Hamilton! "Just Ask Bob" asks for everyone to
support his efforts to start a new local Hamilton Home Improvement T.V. show!

34. July 08, 2010; questions on floor tile.

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