Who is Bob Assadourian?

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Who is Bob Assadourian?
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Who is Triple R Inc?

Triple R Inc. is a general contracting company located in Hamilton, Ontario. We provide services to Hamilton and the surrounding local area. We specialize in and are dedicated only to residential home improvements, indoor and outdoor, focusing on you, the homeowner. With Triple R Inc. experience counts and we have it, with over 20 years in business! A good reputation matters… and we have it with zero complaints from the community we have served for over 20 years.

Who is Just Ask Bob?

Just Ask Bob is all about advocacy and education. Bob will be your advocate and your educator for everything regarding home improvements. Just Ask Bob is our media brand where we passionately and relentlessly advocate for you the homeowner, for your rights against what we have very successfully catch-phrased in the media as the “crooked and overcharging unlicensed contractor” …via our extensive volunteer work on television, radio and in our newspaper and magazine writing columns. By extensive, we mean 16 years of it… where Just Ask Bob began 16 years ago as a small obscure writing column… then got picked up as a radio show, then grew to small appearances on TV offering home improvement tips. Bob then became the go-to top panelist on Hamilton’s TV and radio news programs offering homeowner tips and protections against contractor fraud.

The brand then evolved into the Just Ask Bob show on Cable 14, a half hour home improvement series now in its 8th season on TV. On the flip side, if you are motivated to learn… we offer you the largest free home improvement database on the Internet. Our teaching database encompasses all aspects of the media with a different way to learn for everyone: watching, listening or reading via TV, radio, magazine and newspaper, all dedicated to teaching you DIY skills. It’s a university of knowledge at your fingertips.

Who is Just ask Bob?
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Why choose Triple R Inc?

Experience counts; we have 20 years of it and a reputation that has been earned and carved in stone. Triple R Inc. is the most trusted and respected home improvement contractor in the business. A proven reputation and track record as Triple R Inc. of being Respectable, Reliable and Reputable. An honourable company to deal with that will never leave you stranded. A company that can actually still fix and repair things instead of just throwing them in the landfill… we live in a “throw away” society where it is easier to simply throw something away as opposed to repairing it. When we repair it, we save you money!!

Triple R Inc. is licensed (city of Hamilton Master Building Repair) to perform home renovations, we are insured (commercial liability) and carry WSIB (workplace safety insurance board) coverage. What does this mean? Zero liability/risk to you the homeowner; you are always fully protected.

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Bob Assadourian

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Bob Assadourian


Bob Assadourian is the founder and owner of Triple R Inc. and the brand of Just Ask Bob. Bob has more than 30 years experience in the crazy world of home improvements and new construction. By nature, Bob is a master communicator and can articulate like no one else you will ever meet. He has mastered the art of careful listening. In most cases, Bob will answer your questions before you can even ask them. It is this skill of communication that has contributed to Bob’s success in this business, his numerous accolades and forever continuing recognition in the media. When you communicate with Bob, whether by email, phone or in person… we guarantee you that he will make you feel like you are the only person in the world, making you feel special and important and never like a number. It is this connection and level of dedication that has always translated to a repair or renovation that exceeds the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Bob’s 17 years worth of accolades and recognition in the media are too many to list here; if you have patience and are truly invested in your upcoming repair or renovation then we strongly suggest you do yourself a favour and read Bob’s full bio.


We are very proud of our long time relationship with Don, spanning the last 15 years. Don is a Master in the “Art” of custom aluminum fabrication and we dearly count on him for custom aluminum capping, soffit, facia and eavestroughs.


Our Relationship with Frank spans over 7 years. Frank is an absolute professional in all his work. Obsessive in his nature as he strives for perfection. Honourable and trustworthy to the fullest definition of the words.


Andy has been with us for over 9 years. Andy is a Master Craftsman in his own right, with his humor he makes every job a fun place to be. Dependable and reliable when we need him.


Nick has been working for Triple R Inc. on a part time basis for the past three years. A very, very talented young man, enthusiastic to learn all there is to learn about Home Renovations.