Our Media History
(Bob’s full Biography)

Please enjoy our history in this crazy world of Home Improvements, we certainly look forward to repeating it.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
Elinor Smith

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71. January 2024
Bob takes the fight to New Home Builders, Home Inspectors & Home Insurance Companies Restoration Contractors to protect Homeowners. Interviewed in the Haldimand Press.


Hamilton Spectator Interview, Season 8 TV Show Premiere.

69. June 1, 2023
Bob is interviewed after, “Homeowner out thousands after botched concrete job”.

68. December 1, 2022
Bob forms a partnership with a trade school, teaching our youth trade skills on his job sites.

67. April 21, 2022
Bob interviewed, “Negotiate the Contract, Before Works Begins”.

66. July 29, 2021
Bob interviewed after “Whole home Renovation Horror Story”.

65. October 8, 2020
The “Just Ask Bob LIVE” show, featured Newspaper Interview.

64. July 16, 2020
“Just Ask Bob LIVE”, asks the public to submit video questions.

63. June, 2020
Newspaper Interview, The Just Ask Bob Show, Season 7, doubles to a new “one hour” format and adds “LIVE” to its name… Just Ask Bob LIVE, featuring a half hour renovation combined with a half hour call in studio format!!

62. March, 2020
Bob interviewed on Covid-19 and the Home Renovation Industry.

61. December 26, 2019
In the news, Bobs Home Renovation tips for the New Year.

60. October 3, 2019
In the news, Bob helps a couple with “Home Reno Horror Story”

59. September 5, 2019
In the news, Just Ask Bob is back for on TV for “Season 6”

58. June 13, 2019
In the news, Just Ask Bob, issues a casting call to homeowners in need of home improvements for a chance to appear on his TV show

57. September 6, 2018
In the news, Bob takes a stand and speaks out against “Chinese products” infiltrating the Canadian Home Improvement Market

56. December 8, 2016
Retired School teachers, husband and wife experience a “Kitchen Renovation Horror”, dangerously taken advantage of by their contractor….Bob assists them, newspaper interview

55. June 2, 2016
Bob Assadourian “Teaches Workshops” at the Habitat For Humanity Re Store, newspaper interview

54. February, 2016
Bob’s Column in the newspaper, “Guard your home during extreme cold weather”

53. February, 2016
Bob is interviewed, “Get it in Writing”

52. April 23, 2015
Bob is interviewed, “Do you homework when hiring a Home Renovator”

51. February 26, 2015
Bob is interviewed, “Cold weather can wreak havoc on our home”

50. February 13, 2014
“Just Ask Bob”, comes to the rescue of local Homeowner, newspaper interview

49. October 17, 2013
Bob is interviewed, “Contractor Teaches by doing on Just Ask Bob”

48. August 9, 2013
Bob is interviewed by the Hamilton Spectator

47. May 16, 2013
Triple R Inc. and employees at an Award dinner, newspaper story

46. April 18, 2013
Triple R Inc. Earns “Chamber of  Commerce” Nod, newspaper story

45. April 12, 2013
Bob is interviewed, “Watch out for Renovation Scams”

44. April 11, 2013
Triple R Inc. in the news for Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Small Business Award

43. December 7, 2012
Bob is interviewed, “Avoid Unscrupulous Contractors”

42. October 25, 2012
Bob is interviewed, “Is your contractor licensed?”

41. October 3, 2012
Bob on the Bill Kelly radio Show on CHML 900

40. September, 2012
Bob is interviewed on Cogeco TV Burlington/Oakville

39. September 27, 2012
Bob is interviewed by Larry DiIanni on Cable 14

38. August 4, 2012
Bob is interviewed by the Hamilton Spectator

37. January, 2012
Bob is interviewed by Larry DiIanni on Cable 14

36. November 11,  2011
Bob is interviewed by the “Hamiltonian”, publication

35. September 11, 2011
Bob’s “small” segments/appearances on Cable 14 now become the “Just Ask Bob” Home Improvement show, Bob finally gets his own half hour show, beginning with Season 1

34. March, 2011
Triple R Inc. wins Platinum Readers Choice Award

33. February, 2011
Bob is a panelist on Cogeco TV. Burlington/Oakville Round
Table Discussion on “Scamming Seniors”.

32. February, 2011
Bob is awarded an Honorarium/Membership position with the city of Hamilton on the Contractors Trade Examination Board!!

31. January 6, 2011
Bob is interviewed, “Call Before You Build”

30. December 31, 2010
Bob is on CHCH LIVE News

29. April, 2010
Bob is a guest speaker for MSAC (Mayor’s Seniors Advisory

28. April 16, 2010
Bob is interviewed on TV, “Hamilton Police Arrest Contractor”!!

27. March 2010
Triple R Inc. wins Readers choice Award!!

26. March 18, 2010
Contractor Delivers the Cash!!
Live on air, during our one year radio show anniversary. Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard donate all their book sale proceeds to the March of Dimes Canada.

25. January 21, 2010
Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard interviewed by Ancaster Community Newspaper

24. December, 2009
Bob is interviewed by the Bay Observer Newspaper

23. December, 2009
Bob begins “volunteering” at Cable 14, as his brand new on air TV personality of Just Ask Bob!! Inviting the cameras to his renovation job sites recording small 5 minute segments for Home Improvement tips. This is where “Just Ask Bob” on TV begins…

22. November, 2009
Our Home Improvement Book, now available at THE INDIGO GROUP: Coles, Indigo and Chapters Bookstores.

21. November 30, 2009
Bob is interviewed on Cable 14’s FOR THE RECORD.

20. October 3, 2009
Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard interviewed by The Hamilton Spectator, headlined as “Home Reno “Bible” Nails Con Artists!

19. August 31, 2009
Bob is interviewed on CHCH LIVE News

18. April 15, 2009
Triple R Inc. Nominated “Corporate Citizen 2008” by the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce.

17. April 14, 2009
Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard interviewed on CTV news.

16. April 10, 2009
Bob is interviewed on his book, “Book Helps March of Dimes raise funds for kids with special needs”.

15. March, 2009
Triple R Inc. wins the 2009 Community Newspapers Readers Choice Award for “Best Home Improvement Contractor”.

14. March 18, 2009
Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard co author their first Home Improvement Book, all proceeds are being donated to the March of Dimes

13. March 13, 2009
Bob begins his own Home Improvement Radio show called
“Just Ask Bob”, on Hamiltons all new talk station, Talk 820AM. This is where “Just Ask Bob” (radio edition) begins…

12. July, 2008
Bob becomes a column writer for Silver&Gold Magazine. This is where “Just Ask Bob” (print edition) begins…

11. April, 2008
Triple R Inc. is awarded the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, “Chamber Champion Award”.

10. March 28, 2008
Triple R Inc. wins the 2008 Community Newspapers Readers Choice Award for best “Home Improvement Contractor”.

9. August, 2007
Bob is interviewed by the Home Renovation Guide publication

8. August 2, 2007
Bob is interviewed, again by Janet Barclay of the organized assistant.

7. July 20, 2007
Triple R Inc. donates it companies time and resources to help a five year old disabled girl with her costly home modifications and Bob personally canvases business to donate construction supplies to the project.

6. June 15, 2007
Bob is interviewed, “Any job worth doing is worth doing right”, newspaper

5. May 2, 2007
Triple R Inc. and ADT Canada forge a Synergy Partnership.

4. April 20, 2007
Bob is interviewed by Janet Barclay of the Organized Assistant.

3. March 30, 2007
Triple R Inc. wins Readers Choice Awards for “Best Home Improvement” Contractor.

2. March 16, 2007
Triple R Inc. working in partnership with TD Canada Trust to offer financing to Homeowners. Bobs first Synergy Partnership………this is where it all begins……..

1. January 17, 2007.
Bob Assadourian and Trevor Bouchard interviewed on CH Morning Live News…Bob’s very first time on TV…this is where it all begins…..