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TripleR Inc


GREAT service includes the skill of careful listening, just as important as any trade skill.|GREAT service always includes prompt phone calls, emails, timely estimates/work orders, samples, plans and research.|GREAT contractors will clean up after themselves, daily.|GREAT contractors will always supply all permits and never ask the customer to.|GREAT contractors will always call, well in advance if they anticipate being more than five minutes late for an appointment.|GREAT contractors will always Respect you, your family, your home, your pets, your neighbors, your lifestyle, your schedule and your personal information.|GREAT contractors will provide you with at least ten references, any contractor can give out the usual three (usually fake).|GREAT contractors should provide you with jobsite locations that you can visit for yourself.|GREAT contractors can easily communicate with all customers, using a variety of different methods to illustrate what the finished job will look like.|GREAT contractors will finish on time and on budget, otherwise they will notify you at a very early stage in writing as to why.|GREAT contractors will immediately turn down a job that is not suitable for them and not lead on or delay you.|GREAT contractors will visit your home in person and will never give a fixed estimate and bind a job contract by phone or email alone, without ever visiting your home.

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Experience counts, and we have over 20 years of it!
We provide quality, reliable and respectful home improvement services throughout the Golden Horseshoe including Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster and Grimsby.

Celebrating over 20 Years in Business

The Triple R Inc. Motto
Respectable, Reliable, Reputable 

Some of our top services

Start to finish, stunning designs personalized to suit you & your home.


Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms
Designed from the studs out to be moisture & mold proof, beauty that endures.


Very small repairs to complete interior renovations.


Receptacles, switches, pot lights, panel changes, right to service upgrades.


Siding, soffit, facia, eavesdrops, capping, roofing, decks & fences.


Masonry Work
Brick, block & stone repairs & tuck pointing.


Finding the right Contractor for You and Your Home

Over 85 percent of the contractors who show up at your door are UNlicensed and UNinsured!!

Do your own Research

Ask the contractor all the tough questions and then compare all their answers against your own research to root out any lies. Investigate each contractor’s history and reputation yourself. Use a search engine like Google, and check local social media sites to dig deep into their past,searching by the company name as well as the owner’s own name!! Confirm they have good experience with the specific type of work you need. Ask your city’s licensing and bylaw department if the contractor is licensed, and compare the contractor’s answers with the building department to confirm if the renovations you are planning require a building permit.

Licensing and Insurance

Demand to see a Contractor’s Licence, Commercial Liability Insurance and provincial WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) coverage.

Trustworthiness, Authenticity and Patience

Does the contractor always do as they say? Do they have a positive reputation, always a polite demeanour and a provable track record? Equally as important, are they patient? Put their patience to the test well before you hire them, and if they don’t respond fully and promptly to your questions, move on.


Request references and not just the usual two or three that can be faked… ask for at least a half dozen… or more, and take the time to check them.

Always get everything in writing.

This includes having a Written Estimate and a Job Contract. Ensure that absolutely every possible job detail – foreseen and unforeseen — is covered in the job contract.